Case Study: Power Testings Britvic Soft Drinks Project “Maintaining critical power for the Commercial Industry”

Client: Britvic

Chelmsford, Essex

What Happened?

Power Testing Ltd were awarded a contract to upgrade the existing low voltage network that supplied the engineering workshop.Chelmsford Essex
The project involved replacing three existing 1000 kVA transformers for new 1250kVA low loss transformers, including all associated cabling.
Our specification required the design and build of a new substation that would house all three transformers and relocation of existing transformer no.6.
New substation required a blast wall to protect glass-fronted building.

What Power Testing Achieved?

  • Planning and stakeholder meetings were held to ensure that all works were as expected. This was due to the absence of a specification that was developed during quotation and subsequent meeting stages.
  • Area for substation was identified and cable tracing was completed prior to works starting.
  • Excavations were made to locate and remove existing cables that were replaced with new.
  • Cable design and specification was completed using a mathematical model that also produced discrimination study.
  • All works were completed by Power Testing Ltd and approved subcontractors within time lines set out by Britvic representatives.
  • On completion of works all equipment and cabling were commissioned and new transformers energised.


What the customer thinks?

“Reducing our CO2 footprint and reducing supply chain risk were the two main forces behind the decision to replace our HV transformers and associated LV & HV cables.  Power Testing Ltd offered a full solution to the project including supply, installation, and commissioning as well as project planning, and management including all civils works.
Power Testing showed great flexibility and understanding of our requirements to complete the project both on time and on budget without effecting business as usual at a particularly busy production period for us.  As a result of Power Testing are now our preferred supplier for all major electrical replacement/ upgrade work
We have also taken advantage of the comprehensive LV & HV maintenance programme to give us further reassurance and further reducing supply chain risk”