Case Study Power Testing Ltd Job Ref No.10257

Client: Capri Mechanical Service / E2V Technologies (Research and Design)
Location: Chelmsford, Essex

Scope of works: Substation No.6 Electrical MV/LV Installation.

Following a site visit requested by our client Power Testing Ltd were asked to provide the following project implementation:

11kV Switchgear feeding the two 11kV Oil Filled Transformers located at the E2V site Substation No.6 are to be replaced along with the two 800kVA 11kV/415V oil filled transformers. Also there is an additional cost for the supply and install of a new 8 way Schneider Electric Feeder Pillar. Included are the removal and disposal of the two transformers, oil filled switchgear and feeder pillar.

Once excavated a new HV cable will be installed from outside the Substation from the two ring cable locations using a straight Joint. There is also a provision to straight joint out the individual oil switch to the new five-panel board. A new Schneider SF6 5 Panel Switchboard will be supplied and installed in the Substation No.6 and new 11kV Cables installed from the outside straight joints and to the two new transformers (existing 415V cables are to be utilised were possible, if they cannot be reused then the new cable will be used.) The Transformer No.9 LV Feeder Pillar will have the outgoing LV Cabling straight jointed where required.

Note:- The two existing transformer 415V cabling will be used on the two new upgraded transformers therefore the 415V air circuit breaker must keep its original protection settings to protect the 415V switchboard, cable and transformers.

If possible the two 11kV ring feeder cables will be used without joints if cable is long enough.

All lighting and power is to be supplied by Capri mechanical Services for possible night working.

Power Testing Ltd has a long-standing relationship with this client and are their preferred installation contractor.

The project was highlighted as needing to take place and a budget released by E2V technologies.

Power Testing Ltd were engaged to provided a quotation.

On successful award Power Testing Ltd assigned a project manager who attended site and surveyed the scope of works ensure the client received exactly what he required.

Materials were ordered.

On an organised shutdown Power Testing Ltd engineering team attended site.

The following staff were scheduled and attend:

Power Testing Ltd completed all works as detailed within the scope of works.

The contract value not including others 101,803.64

The works were programmed to be completed with in four 12 hour days.

Power Testing Ltd completed all works under PTL internal budget and profit margins and within the shutdown window. All quality objectives were met and no Health & Safety or Environmental incidents were recorded.