Case Study: Power Testings Citibank Bahrain Project “Maintaining critical power for the Banking Industry”

Client: Citibank, Bahrain Project Electrical Maintenance and retrofitting (2015)


What Happened?

Power Testing were contacted to resolve an issue that Citibank Bahrain were experiencing with spurious tripping. By discussing and identifying the problems our Client was facing we were able design a solution to meet their requirements and offer an alternative solution.

Over a number of meetings (conference calls) we were able to provide over £40,000.00 in savings by changing the original proposal using our knowledge and experience.

What Power Testing Achieved?

  • These works were meticulously planned to ensure security of the system. Power Testing successfully managed transport and shipping of 10 Air Circuit breakers from the UK to Bahrain, Citibank site.
  • Working with our Client we were able to collectively organise and plan the shutdown to avoid any unplanned business interruptions. We successfully changed 10 Air Circuit breakers as planned.
  • Taking an opportunity to add even further value during our visit we also maintained high voltage circuit breakers and resin cast transformers that were available at the time of works.
  • The new refurbished Air Circuit Breakers along with new Amp Safe Pro protection devices required integration with the existing auto changeover system this was also completed successfully and tested fully.
  • During our visit we also identified a defect that was repaired the same evening, at no extra cost. The defect had not been picked up before and was unknown to our Client. Had the repair not been made if there was a loss of supply the changeover system would have failed and costly downtime would have occurred.



What the customer thinks?

“Hi, Just like to let you know that the two guys you sent to Bahrain were very professional in the way they carried out their work and were extremely knowledgeable about the ACB ‘s. I would highly recommend them to in the future.”