The identification of those environmental aspects of our activities, products and services that could have an impact upon the environment will be fundamental to our environmental management system. This policy will apply to those aspects over which we have control or can exert influence and will also apply to new developments, new or modified activities, products and services. Details of all environmental aspects will be recorded in the Register of Environmental Aspects.

Performance Matrix:

Action to Achieve
Previous Value
Current Value
Objective Value
Fuel Reduction Van sharing. Deliveries tio site. Speeds limited £6.9k/Month £5.95K/Month -6%
Office Wastage Electronic Reports £580/Month £520/Mpnth -8%
In House Energy Saving Timer Control. Thermostatic valves £220/Month £190/Month -12%
Client Energy Saving (Typical) Power Factor Correction install and maintain IRO £20K/Month IRO £18K/Month -10%