Alex Harvey – Promoted to HV Jointer

Alex Harvey – Promoted to HV Jointer

Alex successfully passed his HV Jointing trade test on 3rd June 2021, assessed by Sean Sheehan, Head of Jointing. Alex completed an 11kv XLPE to XLPE resin straight joint in the office under trade test conditions to a high standard & showed great understanding of various phasing scenarios and answered all the jointing questions correctly & confidently.
Sean stated: “Alex did a great job on the practical trade test, not only answering any quick fire questions I threw at him throughout but showing great skill using the necessary tools. I noticed his attention to detail was perfect and the measurements were always double checked as well as referring back to instructions at each step rather than rushing into anything & demonstrating good technical knowledge throughout.”
Great achievement Alex – from Trainee to HV Jointer in 2 years & with a pandemic thrown in too!!
And well done Sean on such a thorough and detailed assessment.


2020 Staff Awards – Power Testing Limited

In February 2021, we held our Annual Staff Awards virtually. It gave us a chance to come together as a team, seeing each other (albeit on a screen) for the first time in a considerable while company wide!

The Winners were as follows:




Employee of the Year – Joint Winners!

Gareth Davies – HSEQ Manager


Sean Sheehan – Project Supervisor/Head of Jointing & Health & Safety Wellbeing Representative


Rising Star Winner – Will Ager – Projects Apprentice


Safety Champion – Sean Sheehan – Project Supervisor/Head of Jointing & Health & Safety Wellbeing Representative


Most Improved – Calem Hales – Office & Warehouse Assistant

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Peter Grayston – Promoted to Grade 1 Technician

In little over a year, Peter has become an integral part of the team and has recently been promoted to our 2nd ever Grade 1 Technician – in line with the Technician Gradings that Pat has put together.

Peter is going from strength to strength and now has Thermo under his hat after successfully completing his course and continues to excel in his day to day Technician duties and flexibility.

Congratulations Peter.


Sean Sheehan – Promoted to Head of Jointing

Sean joined us in April 2015 and has gone from strength to strength. A crucial member of the Projects Team acting as a Supervisor, the current Safety Champion, new Health & Safety & Wellbeing Representative and now Head of Jointing – how many titles can one fella have?
Respected by his colleagues, it is testament to his work ethic, knowledge, experience, and diligence that he has well and truly earned this promotion.
Respected by his colleagues, the Jointing division is an area the company would like to grow in the near future and Sean will be key to this, as well as ensuring necessary support and development for the current Jointers, meaning the division is in safe hands. Congratulations Sean. And he clearly doesn’t mind getting dirty!!


Mark Morgan – Promoted to a Senior Technician

Mark joined as a Trainee Jointer back in December 2012, switching to a Technician’s role several years later. Since that change, Mark has grown into the role and excelled as a Technician under Kev Smith’s initial tutorship.
Across the last 18 months, Mark has taken on more responsibility, both in terms of Thames Water Lightning Protection works and also qualifying as a Qualified Supervisor for NICEIC works, where he has been running his own jobs.
An intelligent guy (apart from supporting the Gunners) with much more to come, Mark joins the elite club of Senior Technicians – congratulations Mark, thoroughly deserved and great to see your development and progression over the years.


Catrin Jenkins – Promoted to Client Relationship Supervisor

Catrin joined us in 2014, helping out with administration in the office. Her attention for detail and diligence set her apart – and she has been on an upward trajectory ever since. From heading up our fleet to overseeing training to ensuring all Health and Safety documentation is up to date, she has proven time and time again that she is up to any task.

So when we set the new teams based structure in 2020, Catrin was an obvious choice to take the next step and head up her own Client Team, looking after a portfolio of some of our most cherished clients, including Thames Water and Smart. Her planning, organisation and communication skills makes her invaluable to her team and sets the right impression for her clients.


Lynn Bowring – Promoted to Client Relationship Supervisor

Lynn’s inside knowledge of the industry, clients and services made her excel in her Estimator role and she forged strong relationships with both clients and staff due to her accommodating and helpful nature.
In 2020, Lynn stepped into the Client Relationship Supervisor role, heading up her own team alongside two of our longest serving Contract Engineers, ensuring all avenues are covered for her clients.


Steve White – Promoted to Senior Client Relationship Supervisor

Steve was chosen as our first ever Client Relationship Supervisor, devoting his time to looking after a dedicated list of clients such as CBRE, scheduling efficiently, ensuring his team are well prepared and organised and making sure works run as smooth as possible. This role was tailor made for Steve with his attention to detail, insider knowledge and experience.