Condition Based Monitoring

Condition-based monitoring is an analytical view of the environment your electrical equipment is contained within. This includes temperature, humidity and partial discharge detection.

The benefits of maintaining the correct environment for your equipment are:

  • Maintaining equipment life
  • Reduced likelihood of unforeseen equipment failure
  • Increased safety of personnel

During condition-based monitoring, we also carry out partial discharge detection. Partial discharge detection is used to detect the premature failure of electrical equipment. Partial discharge is caused by the breakdown of the electrical insulation used for conductors and can have catastrophic consequences if left undetected.

Power Testing offer a full array of condition based monitoring services, such as:

  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Partial Discharge
  • Thermographic Surveys

Following any service, a full report and any recommended intervention is compiled to give you peace of mind and ensure the safe and efficient running of your equipment.