Other Services – Including Power Quality Analysis

Please contact us to discuss any other electrical services you might require. For example:

A comprehensive review of site equipment protection settings and the discrimination between them. From this we can recommend any changes that can be made to improve discrimination and apply if required.

Battery tripping units supply main control for site electrical equipment. Power Testing supply a full maintenance programme and can also repair and install new as required.

Power Factor correction units improve the current to voltage relationship by use of capacitors. Power Testing supply a full maintenance programme and can also repair and install new as required.

As well as cable jointing, Power Testing have a Civil’s team who can both excavate and install HV and LV cables, assisted by our experienced Cable Jointers.

Power Testing can carry out identification of excavated cables (both known and unknown) and subject to Clients Authorisation, spike said cables.

Power Testing can install monitors to produce a comprehensive study of site loading’s over a period of time (24 hours, a week or a month) as requested. Included in this we can also look at the quality of the supply. This will show high/low voltages, harmonics, spikes and Power Factor.

Power Testing can offer a full range of maintenance contracts from a one off maintenance visit through Sap operations and maintenance to a COMA agreement. In this case, Power Testing take complete control of the Client’s Network and construct a maintenance programme, operate the network and complete maintenance works. This gives the client peace of mind that everything is being done for them under one all encompassing contract.

As well as maintenance, Power Testing carry a large range of spare parts at our warehouse. We can obtain spares from our contacts within the industry for all types of equipment, both new and old and carry out any repairs required.

Quite simply, we can analyse the quality of your power supply and investigate any required improvements.

A comprehensive review of the power supply, including Power Factor, Harmonic Distortion, Transients, Dips and Swells and loading, will assist in identifying any improvements that can be made to the quality of the supply. Power Testing Ltd can install Power Factor Correction equipment or Harmonic Filters to mitigate any unwanted supply characteristics, all in line with the relevant standards.

Power Testing Ltd can install, set up and commission your LV or HV protection, transformers and switchgear. This ensures seamless transfer of supplies and safe and reliable operation. Our commissioning procedures are bespoke and meet or exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We can offer Technical advice on any related subject either during office hours from our Technical Department or out of hours from our Emergency Service. If we don’t know the answer immediately, we can source one from our wide number of contacts.