Client name:

5 Canada Square, London

Service provided:
Maintenance, Testing & Installation

Scope of works:
  • Annual contract since 2011
  • 3 weekend shutdowns across each year
  • Maintenance of High Voltage & Low Voltage switchgear & transformers
  • Installation of remote switching panel for VMX switchgear
  • Installation of Ultra TEV Monitoring System
  • Protection relay testing
  • Integral Protection relay replacement
  • Defect repairs

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The Task

Power Testing Ltd successfully won the annual maintenance contract for 5 Canada Square in Canary Wharf, consisting of several weekend shutdowns. Furthermore, the high voltage equipment consisted of switchgear that required modifications following reports of partial discharge problems. Power Testing provided a solution to the issues faced by the client in the form of a remote switching panel and an Ultra TEV monitoring system installation. This was in addition to the maintenance of in excess of 100 circuit breakers and testing of all protection relays.

Project Achievements

  • All maintenance and testing carried out within agreed time-frames.
  • Minor defects identified and rectified immediately.
  • Cable termination breakdown repaired.
  • Faulty integral protection relay replaced, configured, tested and put into operation.
  • Installation of remote switching panel for VMX switchgear, safeguarding both client personnel and equipment when undertaking switching operations.
  • Installation of Ultra TEV partial discharge monitoring system, enabling client to measure and record transient earth voltages and identify any arising issues.
  • Critical spares list compiled, enabling the client to quickly recover from any future outages.
  • Activation of the 24/7 call out facility, guaranteeing on-site assistance within 4 hours.
  • Full report including defect quotation sent to client within 7 days.
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