Harrods (Creatside)

Client name:
Harrods (Creatside)

Knightsbridge, London

Service provided:
Installation, Testing & Commissioning / Cables and Transformers

Scope of works:
  • Tight power outage constraints due to department store working times
  • Replacement of multiple transformers and high voltage transformer feeder cables.
  • Extensive High voltage A.C. and D.C. testing prior to removal and de-energising of old equipment.
  • Advise Customer of test sequences, test voltages and test results to confirm equipment integrity.

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“Delivering a first-class service”

The Task

Power Testing Ltd were requested to attend site at Harrods over a period of weeks during its site high voltage transformer upgrade. This was after a failure of a new transformer had occurred during energising, leading to the department store opening late for the first time in its 183 year history. Power Testing Ltd recommended high voltage testing sequences and procedures to confirm the new equipment integrity prior to energising.

Working closely with Harrods Chief engineer and Power Testing Ltd engineer the testing was completed and all the remaining transformer and feeder cables upgrades were energised on time with out incident or delay.

Project Achievements

  • Safe testing procedures and containment implemented to confirm a safe test area at all times.
  • Extensive High voltage testing to ensure new equipment and cabling integrity prior to energising.
  • Efficient relations and trust established with clients chief engineer.
  • Successful replacement of multiple 11KV/400V transformers and feeder cables without incident.
  • Effective time management to meet customers time scales and reduce power outage times.
  • All transformer and feeder cable upgrades energised on time and without incident or delay.
  • Oversee transformer installation and commissioning.
  • Additional works gained following successful completion.

Client Feedback

Extremely pleased with Power Testing, they were very good and we definitely want to work with them again for upcoming works. They were extremely professional throughout the works and patient during a challenging night of unexpected delays.

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