Client Testimonials

An email dated 28th February 2021 from the Senior Technical Manager at ISS UK regarding the Emergency Call Out and LV Panel investigation works:

Firstly, we appreciate your teams support and ongoing attendance for surveying the potential damage of switchgear and associated equipment after the water/flood on site. Much appreciated for the support, it was a great response time and was welcomed by the ISS team.

An email dated 13th February 2021 from the Electrical Engineer, SAP at Thames Water Utilities regarding our recent works at TWU Long Reach:

“Can you please pass on a big thank you to all involved in cable repairs at Long Reach. The team was excellent as usual with their fault finding, planning and hard work throughout repair works. The team worked in difficult circumstances, Covid, bad weather, and the unpleasant conditions that come with working on a waste water site.”

An email dated 12th January 2021 from the Managing Director, Martin Cook Electrical Services regarding our recent Reflex House Maintenance night works:

“We have just received a very nice email from the Honda Europe FM who looks after the building. She was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of the PTL staff during the weekends works so I would like to say thank you for your hard work, I know these shifts are challenging under the circumstances.”

An email dated 30th September 2020 from the Contract Supervisor at EMCOR UK regarding our recent maintenance works at 10 Gresham Street:

“Regarding: 10 Gresham Street maintenance I wanted to say how happy we are with the services you provided to us for the shutdown weekend. From the install of gen and lighting to the maintenance and then the collection on Monday of temp install was a professional and upfaulted effort by all of your staff. The client was over the moon with the whole experience and we look forward to booking you in for next year’s works. Please pass thanks on to all who worked at 10 Gresham over the weekend. Many thanks for your assistance also Lynn, having a contact that is as approachable as you make’s my life so much easier.”

An email dated 16th September 2020 from an SAP & Colin Barnwell Maintenance Delivery Manager at Thames Water regarding our recent works at TWU Riverside STW EOP Install:

“1. Please note below, some further feedback on the performance of the Power Testing staff when supporting our work at Riverside STW yesterday. You would appreciate that at sometimes our work requires some measure of flexibility and understanding. In this regard, you team has been supportive to all the work being carried out yesterday. Please do pass on our appreciation and thanks to the team. 2. I would like to express on what a great job the Power Testing Engineers carried out at Riverside yesterday. Lots of work going on commission new EPOs with the UKPN engineer, and also helping out during the riverside site black start. Always Working safe and in a professional manner.”

An email dated 17th August 2020 from the Technical Manager at OGS regarding our recent maintenance works at 20 Triton Street:

“I wanted to firstly thank your team for their patience and their efforts on the weekend supporting us in our maintenance shutdown, it was a long day and managing the power system to ensure that the clients essential & critical loads were supported was important to our client. Extreme gratitude to your two Engineers for assisting with the control/trip issue on TX1 Feeder at the end of the day.”

An email dated 27th March 2020 from an SAP at United Utilities regarding our recent project works at Wigan:

“I just wanted to drop you a note to express my personal gratitude for all the work completed at Wigan. The team have worked extremely hard and it has been a pleasure to work with such professional individuals. Our deadlines for this project have been challenging and the lads have gone over and above what normally might be expected. There were several points where their excellent problem-solving skills and creativity allowed us to swiftly resolve issues that might have easily escalated into roadblocks. They are truly great ambassadors for your company. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation for all their effort and I will look forward to working with them in the future.”

An email dated 31st January 2020 from Ray Holbrook Managing Director at Holbrook Electrical Engineering Services regarding our recent project works at Newhaven:

“Michael managed the project very well especially the bumps in the road that always occur particularly on this occasion with Border Force. He is very personable, professional and knowledgeable and managed to coordinate the works very well as the projects merged into the same timeline. He managed the UKPN contact very well who was surprisingly helpful for a UKPN person. I would be more than happy to have Michael work on my projects again in the future and think you have found another gem to add to the team at PT! I reckon four or five years working the PT way, buy him a PT flat cap and you may have another Fitz on your hands! As for Charlie, all I can say is Top Fella! Charlie is great, gets on with it, runs the team well and is very organised. He made it his mission to build a relationship with me and the client. If you carry on recruiting and training guys to Charlie’s standard, then you are simply winning all the way! Another diamond within the PT team and the reason I will continue to use your services moving forward. I would like to add that no one asked me to write into you and all your team were good. But both Michael and Charlie really stood out so I thought you would like to know.”

An email dated 5th June 2019 from Ray Holbrook, Managing Director at Holbrook Revell Electrical Ltd:

PT as a company is Power Testing, but it could also stand for Professionally Trained, Personal Touches or Preferred Team. PT have worked for me on projects for many years and I am proud to be associated with such a company of high repute and have them as part of my approved supply chain.

An email dated 15th May 2019 from Colin Barnwell, Maintenance Delivery Manager at Thames Water:

Power Testing has been delivering a variety of electrical services to the critical electrical assets owned and operated by Thames Water Utilities Limited (TWUL). This working relationship with Thames Water goes back to over 15 years. My direct working relationship with Power Testing began when I joined Thames Water in 2006.

During the time Power Testing LTD has been working for TWUL, Power Testing has delivered the following services:

Maintenance to high and low voltage electrical switchgear, transformers, cables and networks, earthing systems.

Maintenance to electrical network auxiliary systems such as battery systems, substations, lighting, indication and electrical switching controls.

Installation and replacement of electrical cables, transformers, switchgear and auxiliary equipment.

Fault finding and repair on HV and LV electrical switchgear, networks, cable fault location, cable jointing/termination, battery systems.

Installation, maintenance, testing and repair of electrical protection systems.

Lighting protection testing and repair.

Electrical installation inspection and testing.

Distribution transformer repair, fluid replacement and fault investigation.

Modification, checks or adjustment of electrical switchgear in accordance with manufacturer’s advice following notification of incidents or design defects.

Power Testing Ltd continues to deliver the electrical maintenance to our high voltage and primary low voltage assets under a framework agreement. This current agreement has been awarded following a competitive process and has been repeatedly won by Power Testing. This accounts for the proven track record power testing holds for delivering a very knowledgeable, safe, reliable and efficient service.

On the basis of my working knowledge of Power Testing Ltd, I would be happy and ready to recommend their electrical services to any other organisation.

An email dated 23.01.19 from Thames Water regarding a complete strip down and repair job on 4 x RMU’s at Swindon STW across week commencing 21st January 2019, whereby the previous RMU’s are now in perfect working order after some Kevin Smith love and affection:

“Well done at Swindon with the 4 x RMU’s PCM.” Thanks

A text message to Chris Park from John Crehan of OGS regarding an emergency call out at Finsbury Pavement, 30th December 2018

“Thank you for your teams efforts over the weekend (where you saved their bacon), much appreciated.”

An email dated 20.12.18 from Thames Water regarding cable installation at Mogden on 18th December 2018:

“Great job Steve / Rob & PTL. Please wish everyone at PTL a very merry Christmas.” Thanks to all involved

An email dated 28.11.18 from Thames Water re a retrofit install at Bicester STW on 19th November 18:

‘All went very well, very impressed with the guys and how easy it was to replace the old ACB with the new plug and play, well done.’

An email from Clive Flitcroft regarding LV/UPS replacement project at Brick Lane, 8th November 18 :

‘As the installation work is now complete on the Brick Lane UPS / LV replacement project and whilst we transfer load back onto the new systems can I take this opportunity, on behalf of our department, to thank yourselves and your site team for the excellent work carried out. As you’re aware, this was again, as system 1 & 2, a critical path programme with zero float days and to achieve the planned daily targets whilst interacting with other companies is no mean feat. Also your involvement in the planning and coordination phase was crucial to the success of the project so we thank you all for your assistance and early agreements to the programme. Your site engineers interacted with all other trades, including our Operations department, sky security personnel, project designer and the Health and Safety person in a polite professional manner, thankfully with some good humour thrown in, all of which was instrumental in the success of this project. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved from your organisation..’

An email from Alan Gendall of Emcor regarding works at 15 Finsbury Circus, 22nd October 2018

“Just to say a Big thank you from The Emcor on site team at 15 Finsbury Circus for a great job on Saturday, super professional and perfectly carried out, many thanks”

An email from Cormac Kavanagh of Donland Engineering dated 30th May 17

“Just a quick note to thank your team and the engineers from Power Testing for a job well done over the May bank Holidays, as ever we were impressed with the organisation and efficiency of your guys, they made a very difficult project run quite smoothly and with out any significant issues. If you could pass our thanks on to all involved please.”

An email dated 14th June 2017 from Jamie Tucker at Integral stated

“I just wanted to ask if you can pass on our thanks and gratitude to your team for the support they have been providing Integral and myself here at the SHARD, there hard work and determination along with the support of your specialists has proven to be an excellent service to us. This is a clear understanding of what a service partnership should be. A really big thank you.”

An email dated 11th May 2018 from John Reed, Project Manager at CBRE regarding the BNP Paribas Switchgear upgrade Project:

“Wanted to take a moment to offer a well-deserved thank you for works on the BNP Paribas Switchgear upgrade project, to yourself and all of the team involved. Through the tender stage various clarifications were requested by CBRE; Chris Williamson was always responsive, in a timely manner and with everything requested, far exceeding the efforts of the other tenderers. On being awarded the works Andy Fitzgerald owned the project from start to finish and made an exceptional effort to ensure this complex project was a success.”

Confidential Client Feedback:

“Please accept our thanks, and please pass on our thanks to all your colleagues, for the excellent work carried out throughout this project. Every date you set out to achieve was achieved with professionalism and great team work. This project has run over several weekends and numerous nights and its appreciated it will have put added pressure on all of you, this on top of the programme pressure, so again thanks.” Confidential Client Feedback: “Just wanted to drop you a quick line to state how impressed I was with the attitude and work ethic of your team, they delivered the work program very professionally and were quick to help out when we needed them. Overall your company has been a pleasure to deal with, we have had good communications and the preparation work was ok. The team led by yourself and Paul Wright were very good and I would have no issue in recommending your services. I wish you well in your future business and hope to work with you again.”

Confidential Client Feedback:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank your excellent team for the exceptional work they carried out. As you are aware, this was a highly technically challenging project with a demanding programme carried out in two phases. The programme was extremely important for the business as it contained a number of black building testing dates which were difficult to plan and were not moveable yet your team met all the agreed milestones and completed all phases of the project on time.

The HV and LV cabling works were excellent in both sub-stations. Technically the project involved integration with the HSS switchgear (18 VCB’s and 6 Earth switches) with the Central Computer System (CCS), the Generator Control System (GCS) and the BMS systems which your staff carried out professionally. I was particularly impressed how Josh, Peter and Patrick managed to find the panel faults and how they liaised with the manufacturer and resolved them for us without any fuss.

Your whole of your team used on this project were fantastic, totally professional with remarkable knowledge of protection systems. I would like to give particular thanks to Josh and Peter taking the lead supported by Tony, Mick, Harvey, Dan and the rest of your engineering team involved.

Also a big thanks to your office support team of Chris W, Dylan in organising your teams, help keeping us on programme and sorting out UKPN attendance and their respective orders.”

An Email regarding – Maintenance at GEM Wattisham: 2 x 12 hour shifts on Sat 3rd and Sun 4th April 2021

Just to say a big thank you to yourself and all the engineers that attended over the weekend. We lost a lot of hours due to issues out of our control and also had a few problems on the switchgear but the lads were brilliant and sorted out all the problems and managed to make the hours back so we could complete around the time we had previously planned. So please pass on our thanks.

An Email from Josh Wickenden regarding: TWU Merton TWRM Link Box Install

“I don’t normally do this however credit where credit is due. Johnny & Alex, the gents you sent to complete the link box repairs, out did themselves with their performance and persistence on
the job. The Job has been completed to a really high standard when all the odds were stacked against them, the boys ended up working through till around 8pm in an awkward environment.
They also patiently waited for us to sort control issues with starting pump to ensure the job got completed on time.
Thank you for organising the repair and please pass my thanks onto the guys who stayed late and ensured the job got completed.”