Chris Park – 30 Years’ Service

January 8, 2024

Throughout three decades of unwavering commitment to Power Testing, Chris Park has exemplified sacrifice, having guided Power Testing through a multitude of events.

Embarking on his journey with the family business in 1993, Chris brought with him valuable experience gained during his apprenticeship at GEC Marconi’s. Climbing the corporate ladder, he reached the pinnacle in 2008 when he assumed the role of Managing Director. Chris’s journey has been marked by his proficiency as a fully trained SAP Engineer, and he takes immense pride in his intricate understanding of Power Testing Limited’s clients and their respective sites.

Currently, Chris channels his efforts into overseeing the business’s day-to-day operations, charting our strategic direction, and ensuring that our objectives are not only set but rigorously monitored and achieved. Simultaneously, he dedicates considerable attention to cultivating enduring client relationships, establishing new connections, and guaranteeing that customers consistently receive professional and competitive services.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to Chris for his invaluable contributions to the team. Congratulations on reaching the impressive milestone of 30 years of service – Power Testing owes much of its success to his dedicated efforts.

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