Macmillan Coffee Morning

September 27, 2019

Last year’s Macmillan Coffee morning was so popular, we decided to do 2 this year!

The official coffee morning was Friday 27th September, but we also decided to do one on Friday 20th September, to celebrate Josh Irons’ 5 year work anniversary and make sure he was able to scoff his face before he leaves to join his family business!

Throughout the 2 x Friday’s, some serious cakes were baked – thank you to everyone that made or bought a cake in particular:

  • John for his Peanut Butter cheesecake – pretty special, the boy is gifted.
  • Adam for his mum’s efforts on a fantastic chocolate cake – professional.
  • Leanne for her Victoria sponge cake and many, many cupcakes.
  • Catrin for her vast assortment of goodies – too many to mention individually!
  • Jacqui for her chocolate cake (and her first baking episode in 15 years).
  • Brendan for his chocolate orange cake (massively helped by his niece!).
  • Lauren for her cornflake cakes.
  • Pat for his very healthy chocolate cake (which he ate virtually all of).
  • Michael Powell for his pancakes.

In total over £150 was raised for this fantastic charity – thank you to everyone for your contributions.

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