Quality is Key

May 3, 2019
One of our core values at Power Testing is be our clients Number 1 supplier of choice through our Quality service and our people’s expertise.

So last month, the company sent five of their senior management team on the QMS ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor training course, run by BATALAS.

The objective was to ensure that the company continues to be committed to quality through their management systems and that all business processes adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 standards.
From the 3 day workshop, the team took loads of information and have already started to implement their learnings through auditing and most importantly, continuously improving our processes.  After all, everybody wants to contribute to a company’s success in the most efficient and effective way and through the auditing schedule, we have already been able to identify improvements, saving everyone time and improving the company’s overall quality output.
With five of our senior managers across all different areas of the organisation now trained to undertake internal audits, it demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality throughout the whole of Power Testing.
From Left to Right:
Pat Templeman – Technical Manager
Brendan Bignell – Finance Manager
Brad Manning – HR Manager
Gareth Davies – HSEQ Manager
Chris Williamson – Head of Projects

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