An email dated 15th May 2019 from Colin Barnwell, Maintenance Delivery Manager at Thames Water:

September 13, 2021

Power Testing has been delivering a variety of electrical services to the critical electrical assets owned and operated by Thames Water Utilities Limited (TWUL). This working relationship with Thames Water goes back to over 15 years. My direct working relationship with Power Testing began when I joined Thames Water in 2006.

During the time Power Testing LTD has been working for TWUL, Power Testing has delivered the following services:

Maintenance to high and low voltage electrical switchgear, transformers, cables and networks, earthing systems.

Maintenance to electrical network auxiliary systems such as battery systems, substations, lighting, indication and electrical switching controls.

Installation and replacement of electrical cables, transformers, switchgear and auxiliary equipment.

Fault finding and repair on HV and LV electrical switchgear, networks, cable fault location, cable jointing/termination, battery systems.

Installation, maintenance, testing and repair of electrical protection systems.

Lighting protection testing and repair.

Electrical installation inspection and testing.

Distribution transformer repair, fluid replacement and fault investigation.

Modification, checks or adjustment of electrical switchgear in accordance with manufacturer’s advice following notification of incidents or design defects.

Power Testing Ltd continues to deliver the electrical maintenance to our high voltage and primary low voltage assets under a framework agreement. This current agreement has been awarded following a competitive process and has been repeatedly won by Power Testing. This accounts for the proven track record power testing holds for delivering a very knowledgeable, safe, reliable and efficient service.

On the basis of my working knowledge of Power Testing Ltd, I would be happy and ready to recommend their electrical services to any other organisation.

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