An email dated 31st January 2020 from Ray Holbrook Managing Director at Holbrook Electrical Engineering Services regarding our recent project works at Newhaven:

September 13, 2021

“Michael managed the project very well especially the bumps in the road that always occur particularly on this occasion with Border Force. He is very personable, professional and knowledgeable and managed to coordinate the works very well as the projects merged into the same timeline. He managed the UKPN contact very well who was surprisingly helpful for a UKPN person. I would be more than happy to have Michael work on my projects again in the future and think you have found another gem to add to the team at PT! I reckon four or five years working the PT way, buy him a PT flat cap and you may have another Fitz on your hands! As for Charlie, all I can say is Top Fella! Charlie is great, gets on with it, runs the team well and is very organised. He made it his mission to build a relationship with me and the client. If you carry on recruiting and training guys to Charlie’s standard, then you are simply winning all the way! Another diamond within the PT team and the reason I will continue to use your services moving forward. I would like to add that no one asked me to write into you and all your team were good. But both Michael and Charlie really stood out so I thought you would like to know.”

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